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  Writing Prompts    Gone Wild  

By Aaron Barry

Over 120 R-rated writing prompts and 20 illustrations on everything from spending an afternoon with a young Hitler to contemplating Oedipus Complexes.


Use solo or as a party game!


  Lockdown Prompts    Gone Wild  

By Aaron Barry

32 pages of ironic, sexy, sinful quarantine chaos, complete with 6 illustrations.

Solo and Group use options for self-isolators and Zoom kings/queens alike. 

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  Young Adult   Prompts Gone Wild  

By Aaron Barry

Step aside, John Green -- there's a new sheriff in town. Featuring over 120 prompts on all your favourite (and most hated) YA characters, and hilarious inversions of genre tropes, Young Adult Prompts Gone Wild has everything you need to reinvent the genre and start the Nu-YA revolution.

Use solo or as a party game!

Meet the Creator of

   Prompts Gone Wild   

Aaron Barry

Looks-wise, Aaron Barry is a 6 at best, but as a writer, he's easily a 10. After years of training, he was finally able to reach a level of sarcasm hitherto unknown, and he now applies this to every form he touches, including free verse, haiku, short stories, articles, and books. 

To write the Prompts Gone Wild series, Aaron made sure to live like an utter degenerate. As a result, nearly every prompt is drawn in some way from real life experiences (much to his family's chagrin).


He lives in Port Moody, BC, Canada, but says Vancouver because it makes him sound fancy.


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Author's Commentary

Pet-related books, stories, and writing prompts are everywhere within the the industry. People have always loved works like Calvin and Hobbes because they provide a charming, imaginative, and sometimes heartbreaking look at what life would be like if the animals in our lives shared some of our human qualities.
But the one thing these works fail to address is the possibility that these anthropomorphized versions of our pets might not act as we want them to. As such, I felt it was only right to provide readers with such an inconvenient scenario. (It also may or may not have been inspired by my grumpy dog, Kira.)
Please enjoy writing stories about your very own politically incorrect pet.
- Aaron  

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Young Adult Prompts Gone Wild by Aaron Barry