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  Writing Prompts    Gone Wild  

By Aaron Barry

Over 120 R-rated writing prompts and 20 illustrations on everything from spending an afternoon with a young Hitler to contemplating Oedipus Complexes.


Use solo or as a party game!

  Lockdown Prompts    Gone Wild  

By Aaron Barry

32 pages of ironic, sexy, sinful quarantine chaos, complete with 6 illustrations.

Solo and Group use options for self-isolators and Zoom kings/queens alike. 

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   Prompts Gone Wild   

Aaron Barry

Looks-wise, Aaron Barry is a 6 at best, but as a writer, he's easily a 10. After years of training, he was finally able to reach a level of sarcasm hitherto unknown, and he now applies this to every form he touches, including free verse, haiku, short stories, articles, and books. 

To write the Prompts Gone Wild series, Aaron made sure to live like an utter degenerate. As a result, nearly every prompt is drawn in some way from real life experiences (much to his family's chagrin).


He lives in Port Moody, BC, Canada, but says Vancouver because it makes him sound fancy.


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Author's Commentary

I could think of no better prompt to use to celebrate the Writing Prompts Gone Wild release than the opening one, and a personal favourite, the Fifty Shades BDSM prompt. 
This was one of the first concepts I came up, way back when I first started writing the book during English lectures up at Simon Fraser University. I'm almost glad the lectures were so boring, because they afforded me the chance to hammer out the structure for WPGW and dream up wacky shit like this while everyone else was busy taking notes on Spencerian sonnets and marriage roles in 16th century England.
More than anything, this particular prompt marks the moment I knew I had to drop out and take a chance on something bigger in life. If success is all about taking risks, then this ridiculous BDSM prompt is, in its own strange capacity, the very encapsulation of that idea.
- Aaron  

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